Valentine’s Day 2020

Egg with endive, winter vegetables, gruèe
Scallop and squid,
Jvoire mousse and Sichuan pepper
‘Verrigni’ pasta, sea bass,
parsley and shrimp
Passatelli mushrooms and parmesan
Orange duck and
grilled vegetable skewer
Mango parfait,
passion fruit and chocolate
€ 60.00 per person excluding drinks

Fish Friday


raw, anchovies, octopus
Mediterranean octopus
Potato dumplings, courgette cream,
  prawns and saffron brittle
Mixed fried
Baked fish with cherry tomatoes
Bergamot ice cream
€ 50.00 per person excluding drinks
Fridays by reservation only (for all table components)

Traditional Tasting

only for all table components

minimum 2 people
Mixed cured meats fried dumplings and cheese
Tortellini in Capon Broth
Tagliatelle with ragù
Braised veal cheek with polenta from
Maranello and mushrooms
Mixed dessert
€ 45.00 per person excluding drinks

… Ancient flavors

only for all table components

minimum 2 people
Eel marinated on bread crust
Creamed cod
Sweetbread ravioli
Kidneys with Tropea onion
and pistachios
Our Gelato and sour cherries
€ 50.00 per person excluding drinks